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Skiing with Foot Pain? How Custom Fittings Can Alleviate Discomfort

You're not alone if you've been dealing with foot pain on the slopes. Many skiers experience pain as they spend their days flying over the snow. However, you don't just have to live with it! Custom fittings can go a long way toward alleviating discomfort in your ski boots and creating a more successful skiing experience. 

Common Causes of Ski Boot Pain

Several things can cause ski boot pain. Pain doesn't necessarily mean that you have a bad boot. It can also mean you have a boot that isn't a good fit for your needs! Common causes include:

  • Improper fit. If you have an odd foot shape, it's particularly important to ensure that you have the right boot for your needs. Custom boot fitting can work wonders for any skier. 

  • Failing to put the ski boot on properly. If you don't know how to put your boot on, talk to a professional ski boot fitter to learn more about how to adjust and wear your boot properly, including evaluating buckling, storage, and pressure points. 

  • Brand new boots. Even with great equipment, a new pair of ski boots can cause unexpected pain and pressure, especially by the end of the day. Set realistic expectations for what you can expect from your boots over the break-in period.

  • Broken down boots. If your boots have worn out, they may fail to provide optimal control, safety, and warmth, which means more pain over time. 

Evaluating the cause of your ski boot pain can help ensure you have a good fit. 

At-Home Tips for Boot Discomfort

If you're struggling with ski boot discomfort, there are several things you can do at home to make it easier to deal with.

  • Make sure you're drying your ski boots properly. Remove the liners or use a ski-boot specific boot drier, rather than leaving them in the trunk of your car or your gear bag. 

  • Evaluate the fit of your ski boot. Put them on at home and evaluate where you feel pressure or looseness.

  • Choose your socks and base layers with care. Having the right materials can go a long way toward alleviating discomfort. 

  • Check your boot for wear and tear. As your boot ages, it may no longer provide the same level of comfort and performance, which means it may be time to replace it—and that time can come sooner than you think.

Of course, if you're struggling with boot discomfort, at-home measures might not be enough. Consider consulting a boot-fitting professional at Boot Mechanics to ensure you have the best possible fit and that your boots are problem-free.

How Custom Bootfitting Can Relieve the Pain and Improve Ski Performance

Custom bootfitting is one of the best ways to ensure that you're making the most out of every day on the slopes--and that you aren't experiencing unnecessary pain. A custom bootfitter can:

  • Make sure you have the best ski boots for your needs

  • Modify the shells, liners, or insoles to improve pain points and problem areas in the boots.

  • Show you how to get the best fit out of your boot, including how to adjust your boot for unusual foot shapes

With custom boot fitting, you can feel much more confident about your everyday performance on the slopes, too. A good-fitting boot helps decrease the risk of injury and gives you a better feeling of confidence. 

Invest in Your Skiing Comfort and Enjoyment with Boot Mechanics' Professional Boot Fitting Services

If you're ready for better-fitting boots that will enhance your performance on the slopes and reduce pain and discomfort, contact us to schedule an appointment. Let us help you make the most of every ski experience!

Image Credits: NICK MELNICHENKO // Shutterstock


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