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Navigating Ski Boot Repair Costs in Colorado: What to Expect

Whether your ski boots cause you significant discomfort or just don’t fit quite like they used to, modifying and repairing them can bring new life into your skiing. With effective repairs, you will often find that your ski boots will last for years to come, providing additional support and allowing you to keep using them. However, you may also worry about the potential cost of those repairs/modifications, especially in cases where your boots are more than just a few years old.


There are several factors that can influence the cost of repairing your ski boots

The Type and Severity of the Issue(s)

The type of modification(s) that are necessary to improve the fit can impact the cost of repairing them. Obviously, cases of extreme adjustments will lead to higher costs than cases of more moderate ones. 

The Ski Boot Brand and Quality

In some cases, repairing high-quality boots will be less expensive than repairing moderate-quality boots. High-quality boots are made to last, meaning they are designed with the potential for repairs in mind, like removable hardware, swappable soles, and denser liners. Lower-quality boots, on the other hand, may require more materials and support to get them in good condition again. Sometimes, that may even mean that they are not worth the cost of repairs. 

The Repairs Needed

When you bring your ski boots in for repairs/modification, a specialist will look them over and determine what type of work is needed. Then, they will make recommendations based on the extent of the issues, how much wear and tear the boots have seen over time, and what they need. Extensive repairs generally cost more than simpler, less time or material-intensive repairs. 


While it's impossible to guess at the cost of repairs without looking at your specific boots and considering your needs, some repairs are fairly common. 

Sole and Heel Replacements

The cost of replacement soles and heels for your boots will depend on the brand and the type of materials. However, resoling generally costs between $50 and $80.  Replacing your heels and toes as they wear is a critical part of maintaining your ski boots. While wear on the soles is normal, you should always replace these pieces before wearing into the plastic of the shell itself.

Buckle Replacements

Buckles can quickly wear down or break over time. Replacing the buckle will cost an average of $40/buckle; however, the cost can depend on the specific brand and model of the ski boot you need to fix. 

Liner Repairs or Replacements

The liner on your ski boot helps keep your foot dry and comfortable. Liners wear down over time as the foam compresses. These can sometimes be remedied with by adding additional foam and reducing the overall volume, but it may be more advantageous to simply replace the liners. New liners can range from $250-$550, and should always be fitted/molded by a trained boot fitter. 

Footbed Adjustments or Replacements

Adjusting or replacing your footbeds can cost more than other ski boot repair costs. Fully custom footbeds can average between $200 and $400. In most cases, new footbeds will be required, though Boot Mechanics trained fitters are always happy to assess your current setup.


When it comes time to repair your ski boots, we ensure you have quality you can count on. Our experienced technicians will make recommendations about the best way to repair your ski boots, including taking your budget under consideration. Reach out to schedule an appointment or to get more information about potential ski boot replacement or repair costs.

Image Credits: Frau aus U // Shutterstock


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