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OUR PROCESS & Services

Before starting a fit, we want to listen and hear your needs and goals. We will then help you choose the best solution to meet your needs.

feet are like snowflakes; each one is unique. all boots are shaped differently, and cater to various types of feet (low/high volume, low/high arches, etc.). after a few quick measurements and questions, we will quickly determine which boot best matches your unique foot shape, skiing style, and ability.

step 1: pick a boot

The footbed is the most crucial piece to a boot. It is your foundation and will provide balance, support, and comfort. We will cast a fully custom footbed that is a mirror image of your foot. This will splay pressure equally across your entire foot. Each footbed will be hand-ground and crafted to fit your ski boot.

step 3: Adjustments



As boot fitters, we understand that specific problems that were not present at the time of your initial fitting may expose themselves after skiing. Any boots purchased at boot mechanics come with a year of adjustments from the purchase date, so we can identify problem areas, adjust as necessary, and dial in your fit.

if you have existing boots that you purchased from another shop, we are still more than happy to help you out. however, if you would like a professional fit, improved performance, and unparalleled comfort, we recommend starting the process from scratch. 


We proudly partner with and carry products from the following companies:









Skis and bindings:



Black Crows​

Apparel & accessories:

Salomon Helmets and poles

Hotronic and thermic heater kits and heated socks

point 6 and sidas ski socks

Booster Straps


kulkea Ski Bags​

our inventory is primarily focused towards downhill and At (hybrid) boots for intermediate and up skiers. we carry 90-115 flex in women's boot models and 120-130 flex in men's models. if during your assessment we determine that we don't stock the best possible model and flex for your particular feet and skiing ability, we will happily explore a special order or make a referral to purchase at another reputable ski shop.

other services

stance alignment 

this helps create symmetry from side to side when making turns, and can also help you track on a more flat ski, allowing you to make stronger turns.

drop-in footbeds

Don't feel like going full custom? No worries! A drop-in footbed is much more economical, while still providing added support and comfort.

punches, stretches, grinds,
adding or removing material

We can relieve pressure on hot spots and significantly improve comfort without compromising fit. We can enhance fit by adding material to strategic areas within the boot. Our expertise is beneficial here, as it can be easy to make a boot too loose or tight when adjusting the plastic.

Interested in a service you don't see listed here? Call and ask. If it involves a ski boot...we've likely got you covered!

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