Ski in winter season, mountains and ski

Meet The Team



Boot Mechanics was created and founded by Jeremy Johnston in 2015. His goal is to offer boot fitting services to the Denver area that no other shop can offer. A graduate of Master Fit University and now and instructor, he is a true boot fitting master. In addition to traveling the US and offering classes on fitting through MFU, Jeremy is a member of the Boot Test teams for both Ski and Skiing magazine. Couple his accolades with a skiing and racing career that started at four years old, and you get one of the top boot fitters in the country!

"I love skiing just as much as anyone. Which is why I created this company, to help you enjoy the sport in comfort." - Jeremy



A Colorado native and product of avid ski-parents, Dylan grew up skiing Mary Jane and Vail. After quitting his nine-to-five for fear of ending up like an extra in Office Space, he joined Boot Mechanics to share his passion for skiing with the masses. Dylan is committed to making sure you are are in the best fit possible, so all you have to think about is how much fun you're having.

"I'm not leaving until I'm done having fun." - Dylan

Ski in winter season, mountains and ski