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Skiing Tips for Beginners

Updated: Feb 12

Skiing is a sport that is best learned with ample preparation and a lot of practice. There is a special skill to balancing on your skis, feeling the ground change under your feet, and guiding yourself down the slopes with careful movements. Once you get the hang of it, skiing can be like flying down the mountainside. But first, you'll want to spend some time looking up skiing tips for beginners and how to get better at skiing.

Whether you're looking to improve your experience or are getting ready for your very first time on the slopes, Boot Mechanics can help you improve your skiing skills starting from day one. It's all about being prepared.

Tips for Beginners on the Slopes

1) Dress The Part

Most people don't realize what it takes to be comfortable and warm while skiing until they're up on the mountain for the first time. But following a few skiing outfit guides can really help.

Wear Wool and Synthetics

  • Cotton takes too long to dry out once it gets drenched in snow. This is why skiers favor synthetics and wool clothing that dries more quickly.

Wear Layers, and Bring Extras

  • Layers are a great way to make sure you can keep warm at every stage of your adventure. From your socks and undergarments to your sweaters and jackets, you should also pack extras so you can change clothes between runs.

Dress for the Chair Lift

  • You will spend a surprising amount of time gliding slowly up the mountain without physical activity to keep warm. So dress for sitting still in mountain breezes.

Your ski boots are the single most important piece of gear you will secure. This is because your boots are like your steering wheel - they are your connection to your skis and determine your control over your journey. Boots that fit snugly increase the power transfer to the skis. Boots that are too roomy can wear out joints and muscles. If your boots are too tight or don’t fit your arch they will leave you hurting on the mountain.

Boot Mechanics Professional Bootfitters can help you ensure that you get the best ski boots to fit your foot. We’ll provide you with the boot that will give you the greatest connection and control while skiing, allowing you to ski longer and experience less fatigue. With our expertise, you can be sure that your boots will be the single most important piece of gear you will secure.

3) Stay Evenly Balanced Over Your Skis

When you are gliding, balance over your feet is essential to stay upright and in control. Maintain your center of gravity and stay evenly balanced over both skis. The movements skiers make is often adapting to the shape of the ground below them. You will find, once you are trying the slopes, that even balance is essential.

4) Know Your Limits

Don't push yourself to go on slopes that are too steep, or try to ski fast on your first runs. If you want to know how to get better at skiing, first learn to know your limits. It's perfectly normal to start on the bunny slopes until you get the hang of your skis, then try a few gentle glides as you gain experience going faster. You will have more fun slowly increasing the challenge level than you will wiping out on an intense slope after an hour of chair lift time to get there.

5) Bend Your Knees

One of the keys to skiing is that the ground changes below you while you glide over the top. Just like surfing, keeping your knees bent allows you to adapt to those changes while maintaining your balance. Skiers almost never stand straight up on their skis. Instead, they gently bounce, bending their knees as the ground rises and falls below.

6) Take a Beginner Lesson

Our best skiing tip for beginners, however, is to take lessons. Every ski resort has lessons available for both beginner and intermediate skiers. So if you want to know how to get better at skiing, learn it from the pros. They will help you identify your skill level and build from there.

Get Ready to Shred: Elevate Your Skiing Experience with Custom Boot Fitting from Boot Mechanics

If you're looking for skiing tips for beginners, just ask while getting your boots fitted at Boot Mechanics. We know the ins and outs of skillful skiing, which is how we know exactly how to fit a boot that will make you feel connected to the mountain. If you're ready to tear up the snow and truly connect with your inner sense of balance and motion, get your boots custom fitted and take your skiing experience to the next level.

Book a boot fitting in Golden or Avon, CO for your next ski trip with the Boot Mechanics, and we'll share a few pro tips while we make your first set of custom footbeds.

Image credit: Javier Ruiz / Shutterstock


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