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Not ready for a full custom solution? No problem! Discover the budget-friendly alternative that doesn't compromise on support and comfort – the drop-in footbed. In the world of personalized comfort, drop-in footbeds offer an economical yet effective way to enhance your footwear experience.


Whether you're an avid athlete, a casual walker, or someone seeking additional support in everyday activities, drop-in footbeds provide a middle ground between off-the-shelf insoles and fully custom options. While not as intricate as custom solutions, drop-in footbeds still offer a level of support that goes beyond standard insoles.

Our Ski Book Repair & Adjustment Process

At Boot Mechanics, our approach is one of personalized craftsmanship. Our expert boot fitters will work with you until your ski boots fit comfortably and every pain point is gone. Let us outline the repair and adjustment process to help you prepare for your custom ski boot adjustments.

Schedule an Appointment

So that we can give each client the time and attention you deserve, we ask that all boot adjustments be booked online before arrival. This way, we can dedicate the full hour to detailed adjustments based on the unique needs of your feet and the condition of your ski boots. If you have multiple hotspots to address, consider booking two consecutive appointments.

Bring In Your Boots

Arrive at your appointments with your ski boots in hand. We also advise that you bring or wear the socks you usually wear while skiing, as we will be fitting, adjusting, and refitting your boots to your unique needs on the snowy slopes. Visit our Golden, CO, or Avon, CO location today! 

Describe Every Hotspot and Tension Point

At the beginning of your appointment, we will ask you to describe every hotspot and discomfort point that you have noticed in your ski boots on your last glide down the slopes. It is very common for boots to need readjusting as wear patterns appear over time. The more detail you can provide, the better and more quickly we can address your problem by reforming the boots to fit the unique shape of your feet and your need for flexibility or rigidity throughout.

If you require ski boot repair, we can also fix scuffs, rips, and loose points during this process.

Fit and Refit Until We Get It Right

During your ski boot adjustments appointment, we will work on your boots and have you try them on after a few adjustments in order to get the fit just right. Each appointment is a full hour in length in order to give us plenty of time to fix at least one hotspot in each boot entirely. For multiple hotspots, book two appointments together, and we will work throughout until your boots are entirely comfortable and properly fitted for safe skiing once again.

If Necessary, Schedule a New Footbed Build

In some cases, you may also require a new footbed to be built for your ski boots. This can happen if you bought your ski boots somewhere that does not do custom footbed crafting, if your old footbeds have worn out, or if your feet have changed since your footbeds were originally crafted. If so, we will ask you to book a separate footbed build appointment in which our crafters will create an accurately formed mirror of your feet to provide the ideal support and spread that you need for ultimate stability, comfort, and safety on the slopes.

Schedule Your Ski Boot Repair Today

At Boot Mechanics, we are dedicated to helping each skier achieve the ideal boot fit. Our craftsmanship, quality, and attention to detail are unparalleled, whether we are helping you fit a new pair of boots or providing repairs and adjustments to your old favorites. Book now to reserve your ski boot repair and adjustment appointment and/or footbed build appointment.

Contact us with any questions you may have.

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