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Before starting a fit, Boot Mechanics wants to listen and hear what your needs and goals are. We will then help you choose the best solution to meet your needs.


Because our goal is to help you enjoy the sport of skiing in comfort!

Custom Ski Boot Fitting Denver
  • Step one:

Pick a Boot: If you already have an existing boot or purchased a boot from another shop, we are still more than happy to help you out. However, if you would like to start the process from scratch then we will begin by selecting a boot. We will quickly narrow the options down from 20 boots to just two or maybe three. This is because your foot is one shape. The boots on the wall all have very different shapes, some are wide, narrow, short, the list goes on. It’s a matter of looking at your foot and determining what boot matches the shape of your foot. We want to take the time to assess what level skier you are and how often you ski, this will play a factor into our boot selection.



  • Step Two:

Build a Footbed: A footbed is really the most crucial piece to a boot. This what you will stand on, and this is what will provide balance, support, and comfort! We will build a fully custom footbed that is a mirror image of your foot, this way pressure is splayed equally amongst your entire foot. We will take a caste of your foot and use that mold to build your footbed.  Finally, your footbed will be hand ground and crafted to fit your ski boot.



  • Step Three:

Canting: Canting is the final step of the process. This is where we will measure where the center of your knee mass is traveling. Ideally we want the knee to track directly over the center of the boot. But often times people are either bow legged or knocked kneed, causing the knees to travel outward or inward. We can correct this by shimming or planning the sole of the ski boot at specific angles. When making these corrections we often see a drastic change and improvement in skiing, especially with turns and symmetry. 

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