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This is the essence of a custom fit! We will take a mold of your foot, and use that cast to produce a footbed that is a mirror image of your foot.

BENEFIT - Enhances balance, comfort, skiing ability. Taylorable. Allows you to stay on the hill longer in comfort. Stabilizes the foot into a neutral position (this helps eliminate many fit issues).




We will measure where the center of knee mass is traveling in relation to the center of the boot. We want the knee to travel directly over the center of the boot

BENEFIT - This helps us create symmetry from side to side when making turns. This can also help us track on a more flat ski, and allow us to make stronger turns.



LABOR (Punches stretches grinds, adding or removing material)

BENEFIT - We can relieve pressure on hot spots and significantly improve comfort without compromising fit. We can also enhance fit by adding material into strategic places. Fit tension can be very sensitive which is why our expertise is so useful in this category, it’s very easy to make a boot to lose or tight when making adjustments.



CANTING (via Cantology)

Plates that go between the sole and clog of a boot so we can cant the boot in a particular direction.

BENEFIT - These chips are permanent to your boot so you can ski any ski and still have your boots canted. Also, your receiving the full benefit of being properly aligned and canted which will significantly increase your skiing abilities epically with lateral pressure control.




We will have a variety of boots available. High, MID, and low volume and all appropriately stocked with sizes. We carry full lines of boot models from the brands listed below.


OUR BRANDS: Lange, Salomon, Tecnica, Head and Fischer

BENEFIT - We will be able to fit just about anyone’s foot with the variety of sizes and models we have. The most important step is getting the right shape boot for the right shape foot. Our experts will be able to guide you into the right boot based on what shape your foot it and what kind of skiing you like to do. We know our boots inside and out!


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